Apr 17 - 20, 2023

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6 New Products On Display at the show

Ingenuity Creates the Future - Technology Leads the Era

We are thrilled to introduce these 6 cutting-edge products at China Plas 2023 that are set to take the industry by storm! Be prepared to be amazed by the power, precision, and versatility of our latest offerings.

Witness the energy-saving prowess of the SPARK AE series, the significantly upgraded DM III, and the game-changing TP-SMART that transforms the two-platen experience. Embrace the perfect balance of hydraulic and all-electric technologies in the SPARK EH series, and marvel at the elegance and performance of the MK6 max and MK6 PRO.

Get ready to be wowed as you explore these innovative machines, which are poised to redefine the standards of injection molding and elevate your production capabilities to unparalleled heights.


Spark AE


Redefining the general-purpose all-electric


The SPARK AE series is an all-electric product line ideal for the production of mass-volume, fast-cycle, high precision and demanding parts with the lowest power consumption level in the industry and superior long-term stability.

  • Agile Boost Control (ABC): Rapid response servo motor systems
  • All-Adapt (AA): Versatility in producing ultra-thin and thick-walled products
  • Auto Stress Release System (ASRS): Ensuring high product quality by dynamically releasing internal stresses
  • AxP with Floating Point Toggle: Total mold protection during high-speed clamp closing
  • Intelligence: Advanced control systems and user-friendly interface
  • Precision: Patented Circular Platen design for high-quality parts and dimensional stability
  • Speed: Faster cycle times for increased productivity
  • Stability: Enhanced performance with stable injection and holding pressures
  • Applicability: Wide application range for various products and industries
  • Power Efficiency: Energy-saving design for eco-friendly and cost-effective production

Industry Area | Medical

Live at the Show!

At our Booth the SPARK AE 300T model will be showcasing its capabilities by producing a medical-deep well plate, which is an essential component for laboratory and medical applications.

Attendees can witness the machine’s precision, speed, and energy efficiency, showcasing its value for industries seeking eco-friendly and cost-effective production solutions.

  • Part : Medical Deep Well Plate
  • Resin : PP
  • Weight : 85g
  • Mold cavities : 2
  • Cycle Time : 36s




Gen-3 Multi-Mat Solution


Your Professional Multi-Mat Solution

The DM III is the third iteration of Chen Hsong’s DM-series of multi-material injection moulding machines – a product line with a long and vibrant history. This new, third generation contains modularised upgrades on most technical aspects of the successful DM-series, giving it more power, larger specs, higher speed, better precision, more stability, higher reliability, easier operation and more versatility than ever before.


Ensures even force distribution, prevents turntable tilting, and enhances position accuracy, mould safety, and product quality.
Handles mould weight, maintains turntable stability, reduces friction and wear on components, preserves precision, ensures normal operation under heavy loads, improves mould safety and product quality, and increases yield rate
Friction-free turntable ejection mechanism for extended usage life, maintained mechanical precision, even stress distribution, low friction, and high positional precision
Professional, multi-mat-dedicated controller with advanced algorithms for real-time adjustments and precision Enables smoother motion, higher positional precision, and higher yields and product quality

Industry Area | Consummer Goods

Live at the Show!

At our booth, the innovative DM III 268 multi-material IMM will be skillfully manufacturing razor handles using two distinct materials: hard rubber HIPS and soft rubber TPE. This advanced injection molding machine showcases its ability to seamlessly combine multiple materials with exceptional precision and high reliability.

  • Part : Razor Blade Handle
  • Resin : HIPS & TPE
  • Weight :
    hard rubber 85g
    soft rubber 75g
  • Mold cavities : 12
  • Cycle Time : 32s




Smarter, Stronger, Better….


The TP-SMART is an evolutionary upgrade to the popular TP series of advanced two-platen machines from Chen Hsong, which was originally developed as part of Chen Hsong’s worldwide strategic partnership with Mitsubishi.  For this iteration, teams of Chinese, Japanese and European engineers listened to global industry experts and a wide cross-section of customers, seeking to smartly and effectively address all major pain-points on operating two-platen machines in a single attempt.

The result is the TP-SMART – full of patented and proprietary technologies that will forever change your perception of the two-platen.
TP-SMART is an evolutionary upgrade to the TP series of two-platen machines
Teams of engineers addressed major pain-points in a single attempt
Patented and proprietary technologies redefine two-platen perception. 

  • Cutting-Edge – State-of-the-art two-platen technology
  • Modern – Pleasing on the eyes and the wallet
  • Ergonomic – User-friendly, easy to operate
  • Ultra Precise – Designed for high quality parts
  • Highly Adaptable – Professional advanced controller
  • Ultra Stable – Fault-tolerant design
  • Patented lock-nut design – proprietary motion profile that is fast, precise, reliable and smooth, low-noise and zero shocks.
  • Vertical lock-nut toggle mechanism – more balance and better synchronisation
  • Diagonal clamping cylinders – better ergonomics and operational convenience
  • Weld-less conduits – clean, reliable, no maintenance
  • High-precision hydraulic mould height adjustment – simple and accurate
  • Dual injection carriage cylinders – perfect balance and longer life for components
  • Contactless digital potentiometers – high precision positional control
  • Optimised hydraulic circuits – independently controlled and combined for the best operational efficiency
  • Linear guide rails for injection – low friction, high speed, high precision
  • Swivel injection unit – a snap to change screw
  • Optimised electricals – modularised for easier maintenance
    Enhanced machine base – higher structural strength
  • Professional two-platen controller – high-end compute and control platform with all features and programmability
  • Lower height – more convenient access
Japanese Design Advanced two-platen design provides the largest stroke and daylight into the smallest foot print possible. Chen Hsong and Mitsubishi joined forces in a global partnership to create state-of-the-art two-platen technology with an unprecedented value proposition.

Advanced Fault Tolerant Technology – Annual Down-Time as Low as 0.5%!

A team of Japanese and European technical experts took the time-tested hydraulic circuits in our machinery and relentlessly fine-tuned/optimized them to perfection, aided by the latest fluid dynamics simulation software.

Upgrading to the Gen-4 Servo-Drive System
The Gen-4 Servo-Drive System, a notable upgrade from Gen-3, delivers substantial enhancements in efficiency and performance. Engineered to minimize impact, this innovative system safeguards both mould and machine for long-lasting operation. With doubled high-pressure release speed and a 2x increase in maximum high-pressure duration, stability and control are improved. The clamp open position precision is boosted by 60%, ensuring superior repeatability and accuracy. The cutting-edge Gen-4 Servo-Drive System sets new industry benchmarks for precision and performance.

Industry Area | Automotive

Live at the Show!

At our booth, the TP-SMART SM1300 will be manufacturing bonnet trim parts for the automotive industry, made from material ABS and weighing approximately 1350g, our specialized machine showcases its ability to produce high-quality parts with precision and efficiency, meeting the demands of the automotive industry.

The TP Smart is essential in ensuring that the part is of high quality, consistent, and meets the industry’s standards.

  • Part : Bonnet Trim 
  • Resin : ABS
  • Weight : 1350g
  • Mold cavities : 1
  • Cycle Time : 50s


Spark EH


High-Performance All-Electric SPARK Family Member


The SPARK EH series provides the advantages of hydraulic drive trains while maintaining the all-electric technologies for high standards of precision and performance. This innovative solution delivers high-quality, high-volume parts production with fast cycle times and exceptional precision. Equipped with a hydraulic ejector and injection carriage for increased reliability, and integrated hydraulic core pulls for broader versatility, the EH series strikes the perfect balance between performance, sustainability, and adaptability. 

The versatile SPARK EH 100T excels across industries, efficiently producing medical consumables, high-end toys, precision electronics, and automotive components. Its adaptability and precision make it a machine for all seasons. 

Reap the benefits of both electric and hydraulic drive trains for additional applicability without sacrificing precision and performance.
Highly-optimised control algorithms work together with fine-tuned hardware designs to deliver perfect motion control.
Stability and repeatability at high speed for even the most demanding applications.

Industry Area | Home Appliances

Live at the Show!

The SPARK EH 100 model , showcased at our booth, will be manufacturing ultra-thin LED grid screen components for the optical industry using premium PC material.

  • Part : Ultra-thin LED grid screen
  • Resin : PC
  • Weight : 0.8g
  • Mold cavities : 1
  • Cycle Time : 18s


MK6 Max

MK6 Max

Luxury Configuration for Maximum Satisfaction

MK6 Max JM398

The MK6 max, a cutting-edge addition to the renowned MK6 series, is the result of Chen Hsong’s collaboration with Japanese engineers. Building on the MK6’s legacy of rock-solid stability, high yields, and efficiency, this luxury model incorporates advanced technology and a wealth of features for an unparalleled, hassle-free moulding experience. Designed to cater to all your moulding needs, the MK6 max is the ultimate fusion of innovation and elegance. 

Only the best machining equipment (e.g. Japanese FMS’s and CNC’s) are good enough to produce core components for the MK6 max, which all but guarantees reliability and stability for long years of operation.

With its larger specifications and power packs, plus no-compromise configurations, the MK6 max gives you the productivity you deserve.

Your requirements are many and varied, sometimes requiring just the right combination of options and specifications for the right job. The MK6 max has it all, and you are unlikely to need anything extra in general moulding.

Industry Area | Home Appliances

Live at the Show!

At the show, the MK6 Max 398 model will be demonstrating its capabilities by manufacturing on-hook air conditioner panels for the home appliances industry. The production cycle is an impressive 42 seconds, showcasing the machine’s efficiency and precision in creating high-quality components for the home appliances sector.

  • Part : on-hook air conditioner panel 
  • Resin : Chimei HIPS/888G
  • Weight : 445g
  • Mold cavities : 1
  • Cycle Time : 35s




In Pursuit of 100% Complete Satisfaction


The MK6 PRO is the new “professional” member of the world-renowned MK6 series, which was originally created by Chen Hsong and Japanese engineers through combining half a century of applications experience with top-of-the-line advanced technology and controls expertise. It seeked simply to be the best of its kind, in every aspect.

The MK6 PRO inherits its high reliability and non-compromising performance from the MK6 legacy, but also adds a brand-new, next-generation, high-end computing control platform, meticulously fine-tuned mechanics and hydraulics, and state-of-the-art control algorithms. It seeks to be even better, again, in every way. 

Fastest cycle time
21% faster dry cycle than the competition

Closed-loop Pressure Control
Precision pressure control is critical for good part quality and high yields, especially for demanding applications with strict dimensional stability and surface finish requirements (such as optical parts). Smooth pressure transitions also reduce mechanical shocks and prolong machine usage life.

A new industry benchmark for low-pressure mould protection
High precision linear potentiometers are used for the clamping, injection and ejector axes which, when combined with high-optimised algorithms, enables superior low-pressure mould protection-effective even with obstacles thinner than 0.1mm (or the thickness of a sheet of paper)

MegaCloud online data platform 
Online monitoring and control at your fingertips. Effectively prevents errors and reduces idle time. Improves utility and delivery accuracy.

Beauty is both internal and external

  • Masterpiece of industrial design – Modern and pleasing
  • Professional ergonomics – User-friendly and easy to operate
  • Optimized structural design – High-strength construction with rock-solid stability
  • Glowing Logo – Light up the future of the plastic industry with innovative technology
Next-gen intelligent computer controller
High-speed advanced CPU provides ample computing power for closed-loop calculations, leading to lightning-speed responses, ultra-high precision and repeatability.

The fastest Computing platform
  • 25% higher HMI CPU clock speed
  • 60% faster PLC CPU clock speed and I/O scan time
The best panel -MK6 PRO Touch-screen
  • Fast and precise
  • Snappy and smooth
  • Easy and simple
  • One-touch access
ODS – The highest over-drive
  • Increase injection speed by up to 20% for more flexible application scenarios.

Industry Area | Automotive

Live at the Show!

At the show, visitors will have the opportunity to witness the cutting-edge MK6 PRO in action producing light guide plates for auto parts.
The MK6 PRO ensures that the final product meets the highest standards of quality and durability. This live demonstration will provide attendees with valuable insights into the machine’s capabilities and the potential advantages it can offer to the auto parts manufacturing industry.

  • Part : Light guide plate Plate
  • Weight : 175g
  • Mold cavities : 2
  • Cycle Time : 300s
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